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Kelly Azpurua from Knoxville wrote on July 7, 2020
I only recently learned of Tony's passing. My heart breaks for all his family.

It has been many years since I have had the pleasure of seeing his smiling face. He was always so kind to me. He was determined, optimistic and amazingly stubborn. To this day he was also one of the funniest people I have ever met. He will be greatly missed.

I know first hand how hard loss can be, but the peace that comes with spending those last few moments with the ones we love is immeasurable. I am glad that you all were able to be together with him.

Bless you all,
Danyell from Aurora, Colorado wrote on July 2, 2020
Happy birthday Dad!

Not sure why I'm telling this to your website that I built myself, but I'll just go ahead and log into the admin area now so I can approve this message.

In politician voice: "I'm your son, and I approved this message."

HA! Man I'm funny. I got a lot of that from you, of course. It serves me well.

Aight then. LYM. Smell ya later.
Admin Reply by: ASN_Link_Admin
Danyell, you are a pretty funny guy! But, then again, I'm biased. Probably because I AM YOU.

Don't mind me folks... Just having a good ol' time over here entertaining myself lol
Jacquelyn Crowley Hilyer from Nashville, TN wrote on June 26, 2020
Danyell, you are so right. I feel so very lucky to have known your Pop. Every word you write about him is so moving and true. I know how proud he was of you and your brother and his beautiful grandkids. I've thought long and hard about what I wanted to write to remember Anthony although he will always be "Tony" to me. So many memories. Sitting with him at a small restaurant in Murfreesboro, TN almost 48 years ago as we worried about Mike Hilyer in the hospital.

One of the top five fun days ever in my life was when we took the Royal Gorge Train a few years back with your folks. We drank Bloody Marys, ate and laughed all day long. What a truly wonderful time. Our picnic at Cheyenne State Park was memorable not only for that big dark rain cloud that literally went all the way around our spot without a drop to spoil our fun. And of course there was also that 6' rattlesnake your Mom and I saw that day!! Laughing now til there are tears streaming down my face as I remember how his length increased with every telling of that story!! 🙂

I say prayers everyday for Kat and all your family. I will look forward to the day next year when we can raise a glass and celebrate all that your "Pops" truly was. God Bless each of you until then!!
Mike Hilyer from Nashville wrote on June 2, 2020
Anthony, you were my oldest friend and best friend for over 40 years.There were gaps there in seeing you guys but whenever we got together it was like it was yesterday. I’m so glad that Jackie and I made it out to Denver at least a few times. I miss you like a brother, like we always said brothers from another mother. When you see my mom you can ask her how much longer for the steak and biscuits. Kathy we will definitely get out there to see you whenever the world returns to some sort of reality
Sandy Medlin from Eagleville, TN wrote on June 1, 2020
I'm so very sorry for your loss but I know that Anthony is at peace and no longer suffering. He fought hard for so long. Kathy, I am praying for peace and comfort for you. Being the caregiver is so hard. I love you, Danyell and Skye and I will continue to have you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Tina Thompson from Jacksonville wrote on June 1, 2020
Our family mourns with yours. Tony was a fantastic person! Witty, charming, and so intelligent. I know words cannot do him justice but may it give you some comfort that we remember him fondly and our prayers are with your family
Brenda Beach from Smyrna,TN wrote on June 1, 2020
I have known Kathy for 50 years. My dear sweet BFF. My heart aches for her and all your family. I pray God embraces all of you and gives you comfort during this hard time.
Amy Peyton from Murfreesboro,TN wrote on June 1, 2020
You guys have been on my mind a lot over this last year. I am sorry for the loss but relieved that his pain and suffering is no more. Praying for peace and comfort for you all.
Ali Al-Harithy from Jeddah wrote on May 31, 2020
Although I can’t reach out and hug him, Uncle Tony is very much alive in my heart. He taught me how to commit to music, and so I hear his voice and his guitar when I play mine. He approached whatever moral question or situation I had with honor, and so when I find myself deviating from what’s right, I think of his voice and his actions. As I age, I find myself coming to solutions through hardship which he provided me years before, had I the wisdom to apply it then. These are a few of the instances in which I still connect to him, and thankfully there will be many more.

Uncle Tony started family nights and brought my mother and I closer to him and Aunt Kat, Skye, and Danyell. I am forever thankful for that, they are among the best parts of my life. He never once showed annoyance at me coming to visit him at random times EVER, except when I brought a new device and we had to input the MAC address—a process that, no matter how many times we did it, still found a way to be a bother. He taught me how to be serious and how to be light in the same breathe, and like Danyell said, there is much more than this guestbook can capture.

If anyone knew him, they knew of his humbling intelligence, his upstanding character, his humor, and most importantly, his commitment to giving you everything he had to be there for you when you needed him. Uncle Tony, I love you with all of my heart and I miss you. I know you’re with me everyday, and I look forward to the years of life in which you will forever remain in my heart, and the day we can meet again somewhere and jam.

Your Nephew,
Danyell Noe from San Leandro, CA wrote on May 28, 2020
What can I say about my father in his absence? Probably far too much for anyone to read, so I'll keep this short. 🙂

He was the strongest and most intelligent man I have ever known. He was absolutely a renaissance man and a legend in his own right. Forgetaboutit.

Dad was sharp-witted, hilarious and a lot of fun to be around. I'll always cherish his sense of humor, which he never lost - not even in the last hours of his life. I've had so many laughs and smiles thanks to him, and continue to do so today.

I truly believe that my father was one of the world's greatest, albeit tragically underappreciated, assets. He possessed a wealth of talent and a beautiful mind filled with intelligence, grit and a strikingly unique perspective on life and the world in which we live. And I am extremely grateful to have inherited as much of that from him as I could during his time on this planet.

I am and always will be honored to be the first born son of Mr. Anthony Sanford Noe and I pledge to carry his names in a manner that would make him proud.

You'll be missed pops, but your legacy will continue to live on through your family as we leverage all the lessons you gave us to live our best lives. LYM