On Saturday, May 16, 2020 around 10AM, Anthony, loving husband and father of two children, passed away peacefully at his home in Monument, CO in the arms of his two sons.

Anthony with his sons, Skye & Danyell

There is some comfort in dying surrounded by one’s children.

Ann RadcliffeThe Mysteries of Udolpho, 1764

He was 62 years old when he concluded his fight with cancer.

He only earns his freedom and existence who daily conquers them anew.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Anthony was a strategy consultant, entrepreneur, personal representative, Internet pioneer, writer (both editorial & songwriting), musician, artist, and (above all else) a family man.

He lived in Colorado for the past 24 years and had many interests that included politics, travel, photography, writing and playing guitar.

He often developed websites as a byproduct of global publishing and enjoyed helping promising new businesses get off the ground.

He was preceded in death by:

  • Father, Vernon
  • Brother, Matthew

He is survived by:

  • Mother, Virginia
  • Wife of 42 years, Kathleen
    • Eldest son Danyell and his wife Amy
      • Grandson, Everest
    • Youngest son, Skye and his wife Courtney
      • Three grandsons, Carter, Jude and Levi
  • Siblings
    • Sister, Tina
    • Sister, Pia
    • Brother, Alex
  • Several cousins, nieces and nephews

Other things may change us,
but we start and end with the family.

– Anthony Brandt